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Accessibility Statement

Search Recruitment Ltd is dedicated to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all individuals, including those with disabilities. We strive to provide a user-friendly and accessible experience on our website and throughout our recruitment services. Our commitment aligns with the principles of equal opportunity and follows relevant accessibility standards and guidelines.

Website Accessibility Features:

Alternative Text: We aim to provide alternative text descriptions for all meaningful images and visual elements on our website, making them accessible to screen readers and assistive technologies.

Keyboard Navigation: Our website is designed to be fully navigable using a keyboard alone, allowing individuals who rely on keyboard navigation or have limited motor control to access our content.

Clear and Consistent Layout: We maintain a clear and consistent layout throughout our website, ensuring that information is organised in a logical manner and making it easier for users to locate and comprehend the content.

Colour Contrast: We strive to maintain sufficient colour contrast between text and background elements, enhancing readability for users with visual impairments.

Resizable Text: Users can adjust the text size using their browser settings to accommodate their reading preferences, supporting individuals with visual impairments or those who require larger text.

Descriptive Links: We use descriptive and meaningful link text to provide clarity and context, aiding users who navigate through our website using assistive technologies.

Accessibility Testing: We regularly conduct accessibility testing to identify and address any accessibility issues, ensuring that our website meets the standards and guidelines for accessibility.

Ongoing Efforts: We are committed to continuously improving the accessibility of our website and recruitment services. Our team actively reviews and addresses reported accessibility barriers, and we strive to stay up-to-date with advancements in accessibility practices to enhance the overall user experience.

Feedback: Your feedback is essential to our ongoing commitment to accessibility. If you encounter any barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us at searchmedical@searchrecrutiment.jobs We value your input and are dedicated to addressing any concerns promptly and thoroughly.

Search Recruitment Ltd embraces the principles of equal opportunity and strives to provide an inclusive environment where all individuals can access our recruitment services with ease.

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