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At a glance - Client order

  • 90% interview to offer rate

  • Total workers deployed since work initiated: 1690

  • Contract end date: Dec 2021

“Search always provided a large pool of nurses to interview; the nurses had to undertake a rigorous selection process. The choice and calibre were good, when the nurses arrived they were at the standards expected.”

H. HARDY Deputy Chief Nurse, 2022

“We have been using Search Recruitment since 2009. The calibre of candidates are excellent, all elements of the tours were first class, the service received is exemplary on both a professional and a personal level.”

J. DAVIES Deputy Chief Nurse, 2018


The object of recruitment projects with the Trust was to recruit qualified and experienced Nurses from EU, India and the Philippines. London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust cares for a population of over one million people in Brent, Ealing, Harrow and beyond. Search Recruitment started working with London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust in 2009, since that date we were awarded multiple contracts with the Trust where we supported their recruitment campaign projects for 10 years from 2009-2021.


The Trust was conducting at least three recruitment tours to India and The Philippines a year, which meant staff resources were away from the Trust during these periods. To combat this problem Search Recruitment proposed a new recruitment process where we would coordinated a remote interview process for international Nurses, facilitating a fully managed interview campaign as if we were in-country interviewing from our clients hospital sites.


To fully ensure the success of the interviews the Search team attend these interviews at the hospital sites whilst also providing the internet and all required IT equipment. The majority of these interviews were conducted via skype & zoom and coordinated with the Trust, interviews were conducted on a fortnightly basis throughout 2019. In addition this also meant the Trust were able to reduce their face to face campaigns to one a year saving the Trust time and money.


Search Recruitment allocates a dedicated project team to the Trust who provide consistency on interviews, build relationships with the nurse candidates, and facilitate their progress from initial job offer through to arrival and beyond. The project team has regular contact with the Trust and conducts regular planning and performance meetings. During recent worldwide events the project encountered unexpected disruption due to the COVID19 pandemic. Search Recruitment worked closely together with the Trust through this time to support the candidates and reassure them through the periods of uncertainty and concern that their deployment would take place once international travel was able to commence. Search Recruitment project managed the deployment process taking in to account all new restrictions to include the coordination of red list quarantine hotels and the ordering of COVID PCR & LFT quarantine test kits.


We place a lot of emphasis on pastoral care both pre and post arrival in the UK. We recognise that the individual is best supported by others in the same position as themselves we put a lot of effort into bringing the recruits together, in addition due to the amount of dialogue we have with an individual nurse we also get time to allay any fears, provide advice and strengthen our individual relationships. We offer support 24/7 to the Nurses and Trust. An example of our pastral care support is when one cohort group of Nurses were required to travel two days after their arrival in the UK from their accommodation to the Trust site by use of the London underground for their induction. To assist the Nurses with their journey a Search Recruitment representative met the Nurses at their accommodation and guided them through our transport network and safely delivered the Nurses at the Harrow site. This really helped the Nurses who were extremely nervous about travelling and becoming lost on their first day.

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